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If you are in need of plumbing services in Cheltenham, Philadelphia, Montgomery County, PA, and the surrounding areas come to Daniels Inc. Plumbing Heating & Gas. We are a third generation full service plumbing and heating company and for many years, we have offered a wide range of plumbing and heating services to replace or repair water heaters, gas pipes, water service lines, and much more! In that time we have made a name for ourselves as a company that strives to meet the needs of our clients and ensure their satisfaction. For a great plumbing and HVAC service, call on Daniels Inc. Plumbing Heating & Gas.
At Daniels Inc. ""The Leak Stops Here!""

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Featured Services

Boilers Repair

Boilers are machines that are efficient and reliable when it comes to heating water and the climate within a home. Boilers tend to break down during the wintertime, when they are usually the most needed, because they sit idly during the rest of the year. When cold weather comes, boilers often need to be fixed to work properly again. If this happens, call on Daniels Inc Plumbing Heating & Gas for our boilers repair services! How do you know if you need boilers repair? The biggest sign is if you have no hot water, but you may also notice low water pressure. Otherwise, you may notice issues with the pilot light coming on or staying on. Do you hear loud noises coming from your boiler, or see leaks and drips coming from the boiler? It needs repairs! Still not sure? Call us to come over and check it out. We’ll get it up and running in no time.

Water Service Lines

Water service lines are what bring water into and out of your home. Obviously, these pipes are incredibly important for every home because they are how you get fresh water to drink and bathe with, and they carry out old, dirty water. However, if something goes wrong, you need to call Daniels Inc Plumbing Heating & Gas right away for repairs! How do you know if your water service lines need repairs? You may notice puddles in your yard, especially during times when there’s no rain. Otherwise, keep an eye out for strange gurgling noises in your pipes, low water pressure, or an abnormally high water bill. If you’re still not sure but have a strange feeling about your water service lines, call on us to come check it out! Once we assess the situation, we perform the repairs needed to get your water service lines fixed in top shape!

Gas Pipe

Gas pipes are an important part of any house, but if they have problems, it can lead to some costly repairs and safety hazards. How do you know if you need gas pipe repairs? Keep an eye out for these red flags – you may notice odd sounds coming from the pipes, or an abnormally high gas bill. If you notice the smell of gas, or notice your plants dying or health issues in the family, call Daniels Inc Plumbing Heating & Gas right away! We’ll come by your house to assess the situation. Our contractors are highly knowledgeable and can pinpoint the problem right away. Once we determine the problem, we work fast to get the issue fixed as quickly as possible. Gas pipes are important, but they need to get fixed as soon as you notice an issue. Not sure if something is wrong with your gas pipes? Call us today and we’ll send someone over to check it out!

Plumbing Repair

Plumbing systems are vital in today’s society. These systems are what prevent us from dumping our waste in the streets, like people did long ago before they had such systems. Plumbing keeps everything clean, sanitary, and odor-free. However, if you are having pluming issues in your home, you need to get it fixed right away! At Daniels Inc Plumbing Heating & Gas, we offer quality, professional plumbing repair services to keep everything in top shape. Plumbing issues can lead to costly damages and sanitation issues. Luckily, our plumbers are highly experienced in the field and can fix all sorts of problems you may be experiencing. We understand how stressful it is to experience plumbing problems; that’s why we work quickly and we offer reasonable rates to make it as stress-free as possible. If you need plumbing repairs in Wyncote, PA, you know who to call!

Heating Repair

Heating systems have a long lifespan, but there will come a time when your HVAC system will break down and stop working, leaving you to shiver in a freezing cold home. When this happens, call on Daniels Inc Plumbing Heating & Gas for our heating repair services! We offer reasonable rates, quick services, and friendly customer service to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you! Our team of contractors have many years of experience in repairing all sorts of heating systems, including gas lines, boilers, water heaters, and HVAC systems. We operate with a high level of integrity and professionalism, so you can count on us to get the job done right every single time. We want you to feel comfortable in your home, so we offer the best heating repairs possible to keep your heating systems in top shape when you need it most.


Climate control crises happen at all times of the year. Many people complain about their AC unit dying out in the summer, leaving them sweating in their sweltering hot home. Others are left shivering in the winter cold because their heating systems stopped working. Don’t let the elements make your home uncomfortable by calling on Daniels Inc Plumbing Heating & Gas for our HVAC repair services! We’ll have your air conditioning or heating system repaired in a flash so that you can keep living comfortably in your home. Our team can repair all sorts of HVAC systems and ensure that your unit is working properly all year long! Plus, we offer affordable rates and speedy services to make it convenient for you! If you ever need HVAC repairs, you know who to call – Daniels Inc Plumbing Heating & Gas is here to help!

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